650% more electrolytes than sports drinks


Same hydration power of an IV solution


1/3 the amount of sugar than sports drinks

The fastest way to Rehydrate during a High Intensity Workout

When you make a tackle, finish 13.1 miles, complete a set of “bleachers”, or go to penalty kicks, you sweat – a lot. And when you sweat, your body loses biological electrolytes like Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium.

These electrolytes are vital to your body. Without them, you quickly lose energy and dehydrate which can lead to body weakness, headaches, nausea, muscle cramps and more. These are the last things you want to deal when you’re just on the verge of a personal or team victory so you need the fastest way to rehydrate and get back to the game.

Biolyte is a concentrated electrolyte fluid replacement drink that gives your body exactly what it needs and more to keep you at your performance peak.

Sports drinks may offer some electrolyte replenishing, but at what cost? These drinks are loaded with Sucrose, a bad sugar, which dehydrates you further and sends your dentist bill soaring. Biolyte, on the other hand, has 650% more electrolytes than sports drinks, 1/3 the amount of sugar, and no Sucrose. Biolyte contains Dextrose, a superior sugar that is quickly absorbed by the human body and helps nausea, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea – all common symptoms of dehydration. Biolyte is one of the most effective and fastest ways to rehydrate your body after intense activity. This is the reason why 14 Georgia high school football teams signed on with Biolyte in under three months – 13 of which made the GHSA Playoffs.

So if you get bad muscle cramps two miles in, it’s blazing hot out and you are starting to get a little pale and woozy, or you are drenched in sweat from head to toe, drink a Biolyte and your body will be balanced and capable of tackling the challenges ahead.

That's why it works.

I'm a coach, and I was wondering when my athletes should drink Biolyte?

Think about it this way: If you drink Biolyte before physical activity you are prepping the body- preparing it for exertion. If you drink Biolyte during activity, you will sweat out your body’s water and fluids, but also simultaneously put them back in when you drink Biolyte. A simple put in put out effect. And if you drink Biolyte after activity, you will replace what you lost.

What many athletes who are prone to muscle cramps have found to be effective is to drink 1 bottle of BIOLYTE 25-30 mins before practice/the game. Then during a timeout or halftime, circle back around and see if they need more (25-30 mins before playing time). This method has a 90% reduction rate for muscle cramps.