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Detox and Restart in the New Year


A new year means a new start. For many people, that involves hitting the reset button on their health. Your body naturally detoxes itself - the human liver is a pro at this - but there are ways you can help your system work more effectively, ensuring that you feel amazing. A safe detox involves the right nutrients, proper hydration, and even some natural supplements. These elements are what make BIOLYTE the perfect companion to your New Year’s detox - read on to see what we mean.

Powerful Protection

We formulated BIOLYTE with more than just electrolytes. You’ll also find N-acetyl L-cysteine - or NAC for short. NAC is a powerful nutrient that helps your body detoxify. It is often administered via IV to prevent liver and kidney damage from acetaminophen (commonly known as Tylenol) and other drugs. NAC has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to help your body recover and feel its best.

Naturally Detox

BIOLYTE contains ginger root extract. Ginger is widely known to fight inflammation and ease nausea. Ginger also helps prevent many different ailments through its antioxidant properties. Every bottle of BIOLYTE contains ginger root extract to provide another natural boost to your wellbeing.

Stay Hydrated

What is the number one thing you can do so your body performs at its best? Stay hydrated! BIOLYTE has the electrolytes of 7 sports drinks neatly packed into 1 bottle. When you drink a bottle, you’re helping your body maintain proper hydration and optimal cellular balance. You’ll flush out toxins faster, and quickly start to feel the difference. 

Natural, Healthy You

With BIOLYTE, your detox is primed for success. Get a fresh start in the new year by finding some BIOLYTE for yourself. There’s sure to be a bottle near you, just use our interactive map, or order online. Try the real IV in a Bottle, then prepare for your natural, healthy, hydrated detox.

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