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Don’t be Scared by Big Words


There is a reason you can find BIOLYTE at your local pharmacy. Our IV in a bottle is scientifically engineered to have just as many electrolytes as, you guessed it, an IV bag. Dr. Rollins spent four years developing the ideal blend of electrolytes for recovery, and BIOLYTE was born. 

Our physician-formulated electrolyte drink is filled with big words for big results. Though the words are big, their purpose is simple: ultimate hydration and cellular balance. This goes for athletes, tired night owls, overindulgers, and anyone suffering from dehydration or illness. All of these ingredients are naturally derived which makes BIOLYTE an all-natural drink for everyone. Discover what those big words mean and why we put them in BIOLYTE.

Dextrose and Erythritol: Sugars

Both natural sweeteners, Dextrose and Erythritol don’t just serve to make BIOLYTE tastier. Dextrose is a superior sugar that helps with nausea, cramps, and fatigue. It’s added to IV bags when a patient needs a quick boost of energy. 10g are in every bottle, the perfect amount to help you feel your best without the shakes or crash. Erythritol is a sweetener found in fruits and doesn’t affect blood sugar or contribute to tooth decay. 

Cyanocobalamin: Energy

This ingredient is a form of vitamin B12. It helps maintain cellular balance and keeps nerve and blood cells healthy. Another simple benefit it provides is helping to prevent anemia. One bottle provides one microgram of B12 which equates to 42% of your daily value. B6 is another B-vitamin found in BIOLYTE. Along with the good salts in our electrolyte drink, such as potassium, these vitamins help promote overall cellular health.

Sodium Citrate and Sodium Chloride: Salt

Sodium and Chloride are important salts for regular bodily functions. These are not like table salt. These electrolytes serve as vital components to keeping our bodies running like well oiled machines. Our brains, our muscles, our hearts, our whole bodies need these salts to stay at our best. When the body’s homeostasis, or balance, is disturbed by exhaustion, sickness, or exercise, BIOLYTE’s thoughtful formula helps maintain balance. 

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