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Fast, Natural Morning Sickness Relief


No matter what triggers it, you know the sensation immediately. Morning sickness is the nausea pregnant women feel during the first trimester, and it often comes with vomiting and loss of fluids. All you want when you’re experiencing morning sickness is relief - but you also want to be sure this remedy is safe and natural, as well as effective. BIOLYTE is your answer to morning sickness. BIOLYTE is not just another electrolyte drink. The ingredients in BIOLYTE provide fast relief, and they’re all natural. 

Discover the benefits of BIOLYTE for morning sickness.

Natural Ingredients

BIOLYTE contains ginger root extract. Ginger has been known as a natural nausea remedy for centuries. Plus, it soothes stomach inflammation when you start feeling queasy. BIOLYTE’s ginger root extract can soothe a sick stomach and may even prevent the nausea from progressing. 

Replenish Fluids

When your nausea is particularly bad and you actually do lose fluids (ie. vomit), one of the most important things you can do is rehydrate. BIOLYTE is formulated with the same amount of electrolytes as an IV bag. It can help you replenish fluids faster than anything else over the counter. 

Feel Better, Sooner

Morning sickness is never comfortable, but BIOLYTE makes it easier. If you’re looking for relief and hydration fast, find a bottle of BIOLYTE near you. Use our interactive map to see where you can get BIOLYTE, and start feeling better now

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