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November 22, 2021

Whether you are tailgating before a football game or gathering for the holidays, there are often reasons to celebrate with friends and family. During these times, the table is often filled with delicious treats, meals and drinks! When you are at a festive event, it is easy to overindulge on your favorite foods and beverages. Although it is perfectly fine to enjoy your favorite seasonal dishes, it is important that you know the ways to balance your body after a period of overindulgence. 

When you drink the IV in a bottle, you can help combat the symptoms of overindulgence. BIOLYTE helps in the following ways:

1. BIOLYTE helps with liver recovery after a period of overindulgence because it contains glucuronolactone.

2. Glucuronolactone is a product that the liver utilizes to detoxify the body of harmful wastes.

3. BIOLYTE contains N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This compound is used to build antioxidants, repair cell damage, and protect the liver from harm.

4. BIOLYTE contains milk thistle, an ingredient that contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy liver function while healing damaged liver tissue.

Other symptoms of overindulgence include fatigue and nausea. BIOLYTE helps address these issues in the following ways:

1. BIOLYTE contains B Vitamins and superior sugars that offer a natural boost of energy when you are feeling fatigued

2. BIOLYTE contains milk thistle and ginger root extract. These ingredients help soothe nausea and other stomach illnesses.

Keep BIOLYTE stocked in your fridge so that you can recover after a day of overindulgence!

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