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September 23, 2021

Since the BIOLYTE brand was created, our team has been passionate about supporting high school athletic programs. In the early days, the BIOLYTE CEO, Jesslyn Rollins, would sell bottles of BIOLYTE to local high school football teams across the city of Atlanta. As we have continued to grow, we understand that BIOLYTE is truly a superior hydration product for high school athletes. This electrolyte-packed beverage helps athletes combat fatigue, minimize cramping and recover effectively.

There are many reasons why athletes and coaches consider BIOLYTE to be an integral part of their training program. Harold Hilliard, head athletic trainer at McLay High School said "We are a football team of around 30 players. A large majority of our players play both ways. Before using BIOLYTE, our players were cramping through workouts, practices and games. After using the product, the cramps ceased and by the end of the season not a single football player was cramping during practices or games” 

Cramping and fatigue are a major issue when it comes to athletic performance. When asked about BIOLYTE, Rob Milam, head athletic trainer at Spanish Fort High School, said “Let me first say I know about your product, we used it quite heavily this past year and I absolutely love it! This past football season I purchased over 100 cases of BIOLYTE for our football program and the product speaks for itself”

The benefits of BIOLYTE are apparent both on and off the football field! As you pack the stadium to watch football under the Friday night lights, make sure to stock up on BIOLYTE for yourself and your favorite football player!

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