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Super Fan Highlight: Kristen Oehrig

We love hearing from our fans, and your BIOLYTE stories are the most inspiring part of what we do. That’s why we’re reaching out to our super fans to find out how they use BIOLYTE to feel their best. We interviewed super fan, runner, and mom, Kristen Oehrig about her experience with Biolyte. 

How long have you been drinking BIOLYTE?

K: For about a year, now.

When do you drink BIOLYTE?

K: I typically will grab a BIOLYTE after an evening or morning run, or in moments that I feel very dehydrated and can tell I need a boost. If I have a race coming up, I’ll typically drink one the day before to help my endurance during the run.

How do you prefer to drink BIOLYTE?

K: My favorite way to drink BIOLYTE is cold from a refrigerator. I’ve recently discovered another favorite by freezing it into a slush form! My standard routine is to reach for it after a run, but it’s also my go-to when I’m not feeling well.

How has BIOLYTE affected what you do?

K: It has shown me that I can endure longer runs. This past year - 2019 - I decided I wanted to run the Triple Peach, which is 3 separate races; a 10k, a 10-Miler, and a half-marathon. Knowing that I had Biolyte on my side, I was confident that I would be able to finish the races no matter the distance or what the head indexes were going to be. BIOLYTE allowed me to perform and achieve my running goals.

Has BIOLYTE Ever Saved the Day?

K: Recently my two year old daughter vomited multiple times within a very quick time span very early in the morning. We knew that we immediately needed to start getting fluids back into her. She wanted nothing to do with water when we offered it to her. Since she wasn’t taking water, and it was around 3 in the morning (so we had very few store options open),  we figured we could try to see if she would drink some BIOLYTE before making a trip to the store. Without hesitation she started to sip on it, and throughout the rest of the day she continued to ask for more.


Tell us Your Story

Thanks for sharing, Kristen! We appreciate your support, and we’re so happy to hear how you use BIOLYTE. We love hearing from our fans. If you want a chance to be featured as a super fan, follow us on Facebook, and post your story with the hashtag #drinkbiolyte. Need to find a bottle for yourself? Use our interactive map and see where you can get your hands on a refreshing, rehydrating bottle of BIOLYTE. 

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