In need of a hangover remedy? We've got you covered

We all know our limits, but sometimes we surpass those. We’re human for goodness sake! But when we do, the effects make you feel miserable. When you have one too many glasses of wine or too many margaritas after a long work week, you’ve probably heard of and even tried the plethora of hangover remedies. “Hair of the dog”, cold showers, greasy food, ibuprofen and a sports drink – you’ll try any or all of these tactics to stop the throbbing headache, incessant nausea, uneasiness, sweating, and weakness.

And even though your MacGyver’d hangover remedy may help a little bit, it’s really not helping the source of the problem: the alcohol wreaking havoc on your insides.

There are four reasons why too much alcohol makes you sweat, gives you a headache, makes you feel nauseous and uneasy, and sometimes causes you to vomit.


Alcohol is diuretic.

Alcohol is a diuretic which means it’s a substance that makes you urinate. This forces your body to get rid of vital fluids, water, and electrolytes at a hyperactive rate.


Alcohol suppresses Vasopressin.

Alcohol suppresses the release of the hormone Vasopressin, whose job is to retain H2O in the kidneys. The absence of this helpful hormone means that water must be released by the kidneys, put in the body, and sent to the bladder to be eliminated. AKA: you lose vital fluids, water, and electrolytes at a higher pace than normal.


Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining.

Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining which can cause diarrhea. This is why so many people experience a hyper active bowl movement the morning after overindulgence. This occurrence rids your body of hydration and vital compounds you need to maintain homeostasis.


Alcohol causes dehydration.

The way the human body was made to metabolizes alcohol causes dehydration. When alcohol hits the stomach, a group of enzymes comes to break the alcohol “ethanol” down into a substance called Acetaldehyde.
Acetaldehyde is actually toxic to the human body so a second group of enzymes come in and change the acetaldehyde into a harmless vinegar. If this second process doesn’t move fast enough or you are drinking more alcohol than your body can handle, the Acetaldehyde will build up in the body and cause you to have hangover-like symptoms a headache, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

Biolyte was made to address all four of these.

Biolyte’s concentrated electrolyte percentages restore the hydration back in your body after the alcohol has forced the vital fluids, water, and electrolytes out of your body at a hyperactive rate.

Biolyte’s combination of electrolytes, dextrose, and ginger root (more than what is found in even ginger ale) will soothe your inflamed stomach, and help ease the nausea and uneasiness that you're experiencing.

And last but definitely not least, the Milk Thistle, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, and Glucuronolactone work together to help repair damaged liver tissue, help the liver function more properly, and even help churn out Acetaldehyde in the human body. These three ingredients are liver superheroes.

So when you need a hangover remedy that really works and works fast, reach for Biolyte. It’s like an IV in a bottle that has been tailored to exactly what you need to feel better fast.

That's why it works.