Biolyte: the rehydration solution that's more than just water

Calling all weekend warriors, DIY-ers, nine-to-five-ers, and everything in between! If you’re looking for a natural energy boost that you would normally receive from an IV, check out the rehydration solution of Biolyte instead.

75% of Americans are functioning in a chronic state of dehydration. That means 1 out of every 3 people are dehydrated. And your morning coffee, weekend golf game, afternoon energy drink and the happy hours with your coworkers are making the cycle go round and round. Even if you are drinking the recommended amount of water, you naturally sweat, breathe, and go to the bathroom throughout the day, releasing your body’s vital water and fluids. This is the reason why so many Americans feel fatigued, irritable, less focused, and are at risk for becoming so dehydrated that they have to go to the hospital for a fluid injection.

Biolyte, a rehydration solution, is the answer to this problem. Biolyte was made to be exactly what your body needs to restore homeostasis. Biolyte has the same makeup and electrolyte levels as an IV bag plus natural, hand selected ingredients to make you feel your best.

So why would you drive to an IV station, fill out forms, get a needle stuck in your arm, sit there to absorb the fluids, and then drive back home when you could enjoy a Biolyte from the comfort of your home or workplace and get the same results?

And when we say same results we really mean it; what is administered intravenously can similarly enter the blood stream if ingested orally–there will just be a short 30 minute time delay. Which is still faster than driving to the IV station.

In addition to the inconvenience of getting to the IV station, standard IV fluid alone costs upwards of $50. With Biolyte, you are not only getting the same number of electrolytes as an IV, you are receiving an IV that is tailored to your needs at only $2.99 a bottle.

So when you feel weak and need a boost, don’t drive and overpay to get an IV needle stuck in your arm. Don’t reach for an energy drink. And don’t pour a second cup of coffee. These temporary energy boosters all pale in comparison to the powerful rehydration solution in Biolyte.

That's why it works.