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IV fluid is a standard hydrating electrolyte fluid that very closely resembles human blood plasma. Biolyte is comprised of this standard IV fluid, plus ingredients that address the effects of severe dehydration in adults.

In short, Biolyte replaces what exactly you are losing after an episode of dehydration, and gets you back to feeling better faster because of its specific ingredients.

About 30 minutes because your body has to absorb all the helpful electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins through the stomach.

When a person loses excessive amounts of water from their body, they are considered dehydrated. However, when you sweat, vomit, urinate, diarrhea, etc. you lose more than just water. You lose vital fluids, electrolytes and sometimes even full cells. Thus, simply drinking water will not replace all that is lost during an episode of dehydration.

Biolyte’s hand selected ingredients are the reason why people feel more alert after drinking a Biolyte:

L-carnitine, a natural amino acid helps with brain function and energy production. Glucuronolactone, a major detoxifier, scoops up harmful free radicals that make one feel off balance.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine helps repair cell damage.

The 10 grams of the superior sugar, Dextrose, helps balance out a person’s blood sugar, a major cause of feeling tired.

And the high dose of electrolytes help balance you out when your electrolyte percentages become out of wack.”

The 10 grams of sugar in Biolyte is called Dextrose, a superior sugar that is quick to absorb in the human body. Dextrose helps nausea, cramps, and fatigue. All sugar has gotten a bad rep recently but this type of sugar is perfectly healthy and vital to making us feel better.

Actually, a 16 oz bottle of Biolyte causes one to urinate less than if they had a 16 oz bottle of water. Unlike plain water, Biolyte contains two types of electrolytes: intracellular electrolytes (ie. Electrolytes inside of our cells) and extracellular electrolytes (ie. Electrolytes outside of our cells). Both types of electrolytes keep more water in your body.

You are tasting the Sodium Chloride (Na+Cl-) and Potassium Chloride (K+Cl-) salts. These salts are also known as biological electrolytes. If you have ever swallowed IV fluid, it actually tastes like sea water. These are there for a specific reason. These electrolytes reestablish the homeostasis, which is a medical term for balance, back in your body.

Table Salt is Sodium Chloride which has been heavily processed to remove minerals and add anti-clumping agents. Biolyte has many different healthier versions of salt other than table salt including – Potassium Chloride (Potassium), Sodium Citrate, and Sea Salt which has healthy trace minerals and elements.

A standard 500 Ml IV fluid bag.

Since size and our bodily makeup vary from person to person, the effects of Biolyte will also vary. However, a good estimation is roughly 1.5 bottles per a 160lb person.

Nope. If you consume more Biolyte than your body needs to return to homeostasis, the excess will be expelled via your sweat and urine/waste. However, if you have a history of hypertension or high blood pressure, I advise speaking with your physician before consuming Biolyte.

Think about it this way: If you drink Biolyte before physical activity you are prepping the body- preparing it for exertion.

If you drink Biolyte during activity, you will sweat out your body’s water and fluids but also simultaneously put them back in when you drink Biolyte. A simple put in put out effect.

And if you drink Biolyte after activity, you will replace what you lost.

What many athletes who are prone to muscle cramps have found to be effective is to drink 1 to 1.5 BIOLYTE's 25-30 mins before practice / the game. Then during a break / half time, circle back around and see if they need more (25-30 mins before playing time). This method has a 90% reduction rate for muscle cramps.

Absolutely. Biolyte’s ingredients help ease nausea so it is a natural alternative to medicine to ease the stomach inflammation and pain that many soon-to-be mothers experience in their first couple of months.

There are 4 reason why too much alcohol makes you sweat, have a pounding headache, diarrhea, feel nauseous and uneasy, and sometimes even throw up.

#1 Alcohol is a diuretic which means it’s a substance that makes you urinate. This forces your body to get rid of vital fluids, water, and electrolytes at a hyperactive rate.

#2 Alcohol suppresses the release of the hormone Vasopressin whose job is to retain H2O in the Kidneys. The absence of this helpful hormone means that water must be released by the kidneys, put in the body, and sent to the bladder to be eliminated. Aka. You lose vital fluids, water, and electrolytes at a higher pace than normal

#3 Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining which can cause diarrhea. This is why so many people experience a hyperactive bowel movement the morning after overindulgence. This occurrence rids your body of hydration and vital compounds you need to maintain homeostasis.

#4 The way the human body was made to metabolizes alcohol causes dehydration.

When alcohol hits the stomach, a group of enzymes comes to break the alcohol “ethanol” down into a substance called Acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is actually toxic to the human body so a second group of enzymes come in and changes the acetaldehyde into a harmless vinegar. If this second process doesn’t move fast enough or you are drinking more alcohol than your body can handle, the Acetaldehyde will build up in the body.

Many other products out there recommend use before overindulging, but the science behind it doesn’t make sense. Since alcohol is a diuretic and inflames the stomach, you are just going to urinate the primer and the alcohol out of your body all at once. This is why I recommend drinking Biolyte about 30 mins to an hour before bed.

This time frame bed gives your body time to absorb the feel better ingredients in Biolyte while also giving yourself room to go to the bathroom and release the alcohol.

Now you can wait until the morning but the symptoms – nausea, uneasiness, headaches, sweats, etc. – will more than likely have already set in. However, if you forgot, no problem. There is only a 30-minute delay. A lot of people prefer waiting in the morning so they can really feel Biolyte “working” in their bodies.