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Family Owned with a Purpose

Originally inspired by our founder's wife's battle to stay hydrated throughout her chemotherapy treatments, BIOLYTE now provides the medical benefits of an IV bag to many, helping them feel better no matter what they are facing.

Family Owned with a Purpose

From IV therapy to the IV in a bottle, we've created BIOLYTE with the ultimate mission to help people feel better.

Our Story

Thirteen years ago, I realized hydration drinks are not effective for severe dehydration. My wife was battling breast cancer and she couldn't keep up with her chemo treatments without getting IV bags because she was so dehydrated. Sports drinks, children's rehydration products, and water were not hydrating enough. Nothing worked.

My daughter, Sarah, asked me if it was possible to turn an IV bag into something you could drink. That's when a light bulb turned on.

With my background in IV fluid replacement, we worked for 4 years to create a product that made clinical hydration convenient and affordable.

I'm humbled that BIOLYTE has changed the lives of so many people, and even those we did not anticipate - athletes, flu patients, new mothers, and even those who find themselves a bit overindulged. Thank you so much for your love and support. You are the reason we do what we do.

Stay hydrated,

Dr. Luther C. Rollins III

Meet Dr. Rollins, the founder of BIOLYTE

Helping People Feel Better

Although the IV in a bottle was created to help chemotherapy patients, BIOLYTE provides clinical hydration to everyday warriors. BIOLYTE has been a life changing hydration drink for athletes, cancer fighters, exhausted parents, fatigued travelers, and more.

"BIOLYTE is an absolute game changer! I’m going to be real honest with you… I sweat like a mad man and South Carolina summers do not help the situation.

BIOLYTE keeps me outside and not constantly dehydrated!"

Meet Anna Grace - She's an incredible college student with a compromised immune system due to a nerve failure system. Since she has a medical condition that requires her to consume a gallon of fluid per day, she mixes BIOLYTE with her G-Tube for extra hydration.

"BIOLYTE has been essential to me and my clients after workouts because of its electrolytes and ability to prevent cramps. After an energy expenditure, BIOLYTE can help you recuperate - this drink is for the people and I recommend it to everyone!"

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