want to know how to get over jet lag after traveling?

Traveling is physically and mentally exhausting. When you fly home to see family, across the ocean to visit historic sites or jump on a plane to your new home, you might find yourself dealing with jet lag.

There is less H2O in the air as you go higher, plus the air inside airplanes is dehumidified, which causes your body to lose water more quickly. These conditions cause dry skin and eyes, dry mouth, increased thirst, tiredness, and headaches – symptoms of jet lag. These are definitely things you don't want to deal with post-traveling.

The solution on how to get over jet lag is hydration and electrolyte replenishing. Biolyte is an oral rehydration solution designed to hydrate and revitalize your body after a long flight. Biolyte is packed with the electrolytes, nausea remedies and energy boosters your body needs to stay alert and properly function.

Biolyte has the same hydration power of an IV bag plus specific ingredients that naturally give you energy. So drinking one bottle of Biolyte is like you got an IV with specific ingredients that will keep you on your game–fast, easy, accessible hydration. Exactly what you need when you have big plans the moment you land.

Biolyte is the answer to how to get over jet lag. When you land after a long flight, grab a Biolyte. You will rehydrate much faster than you would if you just relied on a bottle of water, and you will be prepared to book your next flight!


Jet Lag

Symptoms of Jet Lag

  • Dry skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased thirst
  • Tiredness
  • Headache