July 13, 2021

By: Dr. Luther Rollins

The liver is designed to detox itself throughout each day. Although this a natural function, there are many things that you can do to help your system work optimally, ensuring that you feel amazing all year round. A safe detox involves consuming key nutrients, maintaining proper hydration and utilizing natural supplements. BIOLYTE is the best hydration drink on the market for replenishing electrolytes and supporting balance in the body! Liver cleansers, natural energy boosters, and electrolytes combine to make BIOLYTE the perfect electrolyte drink for your health journey. Learn how you can use the IV in a bottle to rehydrate and cleanse your system.

1. Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties

BIOLYTE was physician-formulated with more than just electrolytes. In every bottle, you will find N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC for short.) NAC is a powerful nutrient that helps your body detox effectively. This ingredient is often administered via IV therapy to prevent liver and kidney damage. NAC has natural anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits that help your body recover and feel it's best around the clock. 

2. Natural Detoxification

BIOLYTE contains ginger root extract. Ginger root has many benefits, but it is known for its ability to fight inflammation and ease nausea. Ginger helps prevent many ailments through its strong antioxidant properties. Whether you are looking for a hangover recovery drink or rehydration after an illness, every bottle of BIOLYTE contains ginger root extract to provide a natural boost to your wellbeing.

3. Vital Hydration

What is the number one thing you can do to help your body operate at peak performance? The answer is easy, stay hydrated! The best electrolyte drinks are more hydrating than water alone. One bottle of BIOLYTE contains the same amount of electrolytes as 6.5 sports drinks. When you drink the IV in a bottle, you are helping your body maintain proper hydration and optimal cellular balance. When you prioritize hydration, you will flush out toxins faster.


Use BIOLYTE as a go-to electrolyte drink during your next detox. One bottle of BIOLYTE contains as many electrolytes as 6.5 of the leading sports drinks, but much less sugar. Each flavor of BIOLYTE is physician-formulated to help you feel your best! Check out our interactive map to find BIOLYTE near you. In addition, you can order online or through Amazon .

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