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REPLENISH ELECTROLYTES AND FIGHT DEHYDRATION WITHOUT THE IV BAG AND NEEDLE - Biolyte is formulated based on the salt ratio in standard IV fluids, which provide the electrolytes your body needs to feel its best. It contains 650 percent more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks and 50 percent more than childrens rehydration products.

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What's Inside

Liver CleanserS

3 natural compounds that repair damaged liver tissue, build antioxidants, and promote healthy liver function

10g of Sugar

Less than half of what you find in the leading sports drinks. Exactly what the body requires to function at top performance

Nausea Remedies

BIOLYTE's sugar and ginger root are natural remedies for nausea

40 Calories

In the entire bottle

Energy Boosters

4 B Vitamins and a hand selected amino acid to help the brain function

650% MORE Electrolytes

650% more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks. 50% more electrolytes than the leading children's rehydration products

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