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BIOLYTE Offers IV Rehydration In One Bottle, Debuts Melon Flavor

The Golf Wire

Offered in Citrus, Berry, Tropical and new flavor, Melon, it’s the perfect answer for recovery after a strenuous workout, a lingering migraine or after a round of golf.

BIOLYTE®, the "IV in a Bottle," Debuts New Melon Flavor


The world’s first physician-formulated, multi-use “IV in a bottle,” opens 2022 with the introduction of a fresh new flavor: Melon!


Modest donation helps coalition in Yavapai County create more COVID relief boxes

The Daily Courier

For more than a year now the (GYCC) has been working with a number of organizations to collectCOVID-19 relief boxes, some including BIOLYTE.

Biolyte Helps Your Body Stay Hydrated When You Need It Most

Golf News Net

If you want to perform at your best, have a good time, and avoid hangovers and headaches, then you will want to stay well hydrated on the course with BIOLYTE.

Active Atlanta Podcast Episode 67 With Jesslyn Rollins

Active Atlanta Podcast

BIOLYTE is a family-run company with an inspiring story. Jesslyn's mom is a cancer survivor and the inspiration behind the #IVinaBottle. Tune into this incredible story!

First-Of-Its-Kind “IV in a Bottle” Sports Recovery Drink In The DFW Market

What's Now Dallas

BIOLYTE recently expanded to the DFW market and is available at Kroger stores, as well as at select convenience stores.



BIOLYTE: The Multi-Faceted Energy Drink For the Golf Course


Being on the golf course for four to five hours can significantly decrease your electrolyte levels, which can lead to fatigue, nausea, and sluggishness. BIOLYTE is a perfect solution

BIOLYTE® Helps Golfers Fight Dehydration On and Off the Course

The essential performance beverage, which contains the same amount of electrolytes as in an IV bag, is fast becoming the on course drink of choice for golfers.

BIOLYTE a Rising Star in the Sports Drink Market


BIOLYTE recently partnered with the Southeast AJGAs the preferred hydration drink, and its three flavors – Citrus, Tropical and Berry – will be available at 40 AJGA tournaments

BIOLYTE Expands Into RaceTrac Stores Across The South


BIOLYTE, touted as the world’s first “IV in a bottle,” has announced its retail expansion into RaceTrac stores across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee & Texas.

Atlanta family business leaders reflect on Father’s Day

MDJ Online

In 2016 Dr. Luther “Trey” Rollins, an anesthesiologist, and his daughter, Jesslyn Rollins, both Buckhead residents, co-founded Biolyte, a drink that quickly replenishes the body’s electrolytes and is nicknamed “The IV in a bottle.”

Local Anesthesiologist Creates Rehydration Beverage Now Sold Throughout the Southeast


What started as a remedy for his wife’s battle with chemotherapy treatments quickly become a beneficial product for the general population. Today, we are in more than 13,000 retail locations!

Jesslyn Rollins of BIOLYTE: Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO

Being on the golf course for four to five hours can significantly decrease your electrolyte levels, which can lead to fatigue, nausea, and sluggishness. BIOLYTE is a perfect solution

Meet Jesslyn Rollins | CEO – BIOLYTE®, the IV in a bottle

"Shout Out" to the BIOLYTE CEO, Jesslyn Rollins, for her feature on Shout Out Atlanta! The article offers an opportunity to learn more about the people at BIOLYTE that deserve recognition, the history of the brand, and some essential spots to check out around Atlanta!

BIOLYTE Partners With American Cancer Society To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, BIOLYTE makes an effort each year to thoughtfully contribute to the cause. This year, the team will engage this initiative in a handful of ways: