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May 18, 2023

Dear LYTERS ⚡️

Last week, we did our first ever company-wide sales training.

We carved out 3 hours where the entire company - Operations, Marketing, Sales, People and Culture, and Finance - hopped on Google Meet and learned the ins and outs of✨ how to sell BIOLYTE.

How do you sell BIOLYTE you ask? After sales training, every one of my team members should be able to tell you.😉

The first hour of the meeting, we had company Trivia. How much does BIOLYTE cost on Amazon? Ask Regional Sales Manager, Tyler Thompson because he got the most questions right!

The second hour, we had a virtual trade-show where some crazy characters 

(BIOLYTE team members) stopped by my “booth” to ask questions. Some of those characters included:

  • An Olympic Fencer from England 🤺

  • A stubborn convenience store owner from the Carolinas 👨‍💼

  • An individual with Diabetes 🧃

  • A very talented horseback rider and her horse, Peggy🏇

  • A purist that treats their body like the temple it is🧘🏾

The final hour, we worked on our sales pitch - first in small groups and then as an entire company. I would call on my team members and ask them to sell me on BIOLYTE.  

The number one goal 🥅 I had for the day was for each and every one of my team members to feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little embarrassed. You know why? Because that means that they are pushing themselves past their comfort zones.

By getting an understanding of what it looks and feels like to sell BIOLYTE, every single person walks away with the tools and knowledge of not only HOW we succeed but WHY this is our path to success. And of course, how we can all better support one another.

It’s going to feel awkward 🥸 and weird 🤪 and uncomfortable 😝 when you don’t know what you’re doing. When you’re perfecting something. But get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That means you’re growing. 🌱 

LYTE it up,

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