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April 06, 2023

Dear Lyters ⚡

Welcome to my first ever Thirsty Thursday.  A time when I get the privilege of sharing the ups and downs of growing BIOLYTE - and let me tell you it’s a roller coaster ride 🎢 so strap in. 

So why “Thirsty Thursday” you ask? Yes, it's a smart branding decision because BIOLYTE is the best hydration drink ever (ask our friends at Nutrition Insider), BUT there’s another, more personal reason behind the name…

Back when I was in college, Thursday night was always my favorite night to go downtown. It always felt a bit naughty because it was still a school night, and that’s what made it so fun. Half off a shot of motor oil? Give me 2! 🥃🥃 


So in honor of sharing things that are such fun because they are insider peaks behind the BIOLYTE curtain 🎭… I welcome you to Thirsty Thursday

See you next Thursday

Much love, 


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Building Stronger Community Connections
Building Stronger Community Connections

July 08, 2024

In the competitive landscape of pharmacy, establishing strong relationships with community partners is critical for success. To stand out from chain competitors and offer distinctive health and wellness solutions, independent pharmacies must leverage innovative products like BIOLYTE. Pharmacies can utilize BIOLYTE to initiate discussions with potential partners, offering samples and literature showcasing its benefits.
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Family - Thirsty Thursday with CEO, Jesslyn Rollins
Family - Thirsty Thursday with CEO, Jesslyn Rollins

September 07, 2023

One of our Core Values at BIOLYTE is Family 🏡 and that means team work makes the dream work. No job is too big or too small for us at BIOLYTE. IT CAN’T BE. We are a team of 20 with customers all over the country! If you don’t have that mindset, peace and blessings. ✌🏻
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Leaders Leading Leaders
Leaders Leading Leaders

August 17, 2023

Happy Thirsty Thursday LYTERS! ⚡️

Question for this week: “What is the biggest challenge 🌋 you’re facing right now as CEO?” Right now it’s learning how to best lead my new Leaders.

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