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July 20, 2023


I was recently at a Vistage meeting where we had an expert come in and speak on diversity, equity, and inclusion. He talked about how so many companies put an emphasis on DEI over the past few years, but mostly they fell flat because they ended up just trying to check the boxes. ✅

Companies moved people with diverse backgrounds into positions they were not qualified for. They formed halfhearted committees with big sweeping initiatives. And they made bold stances and policies without first talking to their team members about what they were really looking for out of their company culture.

I found his insight truthful and profound💙. And I think every company and every person in one way or another has found themselves checking boxes.

“What’s your top goal for the day?”
“Have some good meetings.”

“Great.” 👍🏻

“How is onboarding the new guy going ?”
“Great, looking over the binder now.”

“You’re off to a great start!” 👍🏻

“You done with that mandatory DEI quiz yet?”

“Nope, it’s not due until tomorrow.” 👍🏻

Even when it comes to the exciting stuff - rolling out a new flavor or a new retailer - I have been so surprised that people want to simply plug and chug what has been done in the past into a strategy for today. No careful thought just checking boxes ✅, meeting deadlines, and doing what’s comfortable.

Sometimes you gotta check the boxes because it’s a nasty little part of the job. Emails 📧, check. Paperwork 🧾, check. Mileage logs 🚗 , check.

But when it comes to a cultural overhaul, a new product launch, hiring, or building out a retail strategy, YOU CANT JUST CHECK THE BOXES 🙅🏼‍♀️. Your customers and your team members will know it.

All of us can smell the difference between passion and apathy. All of us can tell the difference between effort and going through the motions. And all of us have more in us to give.

Any area in your life where you find yourself just checking the boxes? Any thoughts on how you get your spark back?

LYTE it up,

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