January 25, 2022

Julie is a Registered Dietitian located in Atlanta, GA. She is skilled at helping individuals understand their health and wellness in a holistic way. The BIOLYTE team is grateful to work alongside Julie as we continue to create the best electrolyte drink in the market. Julie shared her tips for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet throughout the whole year.

Julie, what are some of the top health trends that you are seeing in your patients and in the population this year?

The start of 2022 was very unique compared to the last 15 years. There is so much more of an emphasis on holistic wellness than there has been in the past. This year, goals are not just centered around losing weight and exercising more frequently. There has been a much calmer and more grounded approach to health. Social media and other media outlets have disseminated a message that promotes overall wellness and balance between sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet. This is an amazing message! It is now easier to find helpful and factual tips for fueling the body, hydrating properly, and optimizing well-being.

Are there any up and coming health trends that are a capturing your attention this year?

People are always trying to find the latest trends for recovering quickly and feeling their best. It is important to recognize that everyone is different and has to figure out what actually works well for them. Things like intermittent fasting, paleo diets, keto plans, low-carb cycles, and high-protein focuses all have a place in our wellbeing. It is essential that you take a personal approach to wellness. Ask yourself- what eating plan actually works for my body? This question is so important! I work with individuals each day to find a plan and routine that is customized for their needs and goals.

Although it is important to learn what works for you, there are certain things that could benefit everyone. For example, almost everyone can benefit from strength training! Try integrating this practice into your schedule three times per week. Whether you work with a personal trainer, visit a boutique studio, or complete training on an app, you will benefit from this routine. In addition, hydration is important for everyone! Find an electrolyte drink that you can start drinking on a regular basis. BIOLYTE is the perfect hydration drink for people who are looking for a low-sugar electrolyte supplement that is packed full of vitamins and minerals.

What would you recommend to people who typically have “all or nothing” approaches to health?

Finding a happy moderation is difficult for most people. When this is the case, you may thrive if there are boundaries in place. Healthy boundaries ensure that you can stay on track with your goals. For starters, having consistency in your daily routine is critical. Develop a boundary that carves out time for exercise on a regular basis. If you are new to fitness, you can simply take a 15-minute walk each day. Once these boundaries are in place, your actions will begin to form habits. These habits will keep you grounded throughout each week.

Another boundary that is helpful to many people is eliminating processed foods. Even if you are choosing to indulge in certain treats on occasion, work to find treats that are not processed. Take an analysis of what is in your pantry. If there are snacks that can sit on your shelf for months, they are going to sit in your stomach, too. Work to get rid of processed and pro-inflammatory foods that will tempt you in times when motivation is low. Dairy is a product that causes inflammation for many people. By eliminating dairy, you will see a lower risk of this side effect.

Another boundary that is beneficial for all people is incorporating vegetables in their diet at least twice per day.

Lastly, having convenient snacks is so important for maintaining health. Take time to find a protein bar that you love. As long as these bars do not contain sucralose or soy protein isolate, they are likely a pretty good option! If you frequently engage in long workouts or intense cardio sessions, it is important to have an electrolyte drink on hand that can offer rapid rehydration after a workout. A healthy sports drink such as BIOLYTE will help your body replenish after a tough workout. BIOLYTE is my go-to recovery drink after a workout. Without this replenishment, you will likely feel more hungry later in the day. The balance of high sodium and natural sugars will help your body find balance. Try mixing ½ water with ½ BIOLYTE to hydrate while getting the electrolytes needed to feel your best.

What would you recommend to people who are starting to feel their new year motivation fade?

First off, it is important to tap into your “why!” Why do you want to improve your health? When you feel your motivation start to fade, remember why you chose to begin this journey. If your only motivation is a number on a scale, you will not be able to maintain your progress in the long run. 

Second, let clothes be your motivation! Is there a new season approaching or an upcoming event on the calendar? If so, have an outfit in mind that you want to look good in. Putting something on that makes you feel happy and healthy is a great benchmark for success.

What would you recommend to everyone who is looking for efficient ways to improve overall health and wellness?

Everyone needs to slow down! This slowing down can be integrated into your lifestyle in very simple ways. When you are stopped at a red light, take 3 deep breaths. When you are eating, put your fork down between bites. If you have the opportunity, practice mediation. The Peloton app offers great meditation courses that can be as short as 5 minutes. Take a 10 minute walk after dinner. Find ways to calm your body, reduce cortisol levels, and get in a more mindful space. This practice will improve your confidence!

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