September 07, 2022

By: Dr. Luther Rollins

What is the first thing your doctor will say if you are one of the unlucky people that that tests positive for the flu this year?

Likely, they will tell you to drink plenty of fluids. When you are sick, hydration is the key to a quick recovery! In this article, we will learn why BIOLYTE is the electrolyte drink you need to recover from the flu, covid, or a common cold.

Fever? Chills? Hydrate.

When you have a fever, it signifies that your body’s metabolism is going into overdrive. This process causes common symptoms of a fever, including:

- Increasing Body Temperature

- Sweating

- Aching

- Stomach Illness

- Rapid Breathing and Heart Rate

- Loss of Fluids

It is important to rest when you are feeling unwell; your body is expending a lot of energy to deal with the invading virus. As your body is working to recover quickly from the illness, you are actively losing important fluids and electrolytes. Many recovery drinks are packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients. BIOLYTE is an IV hydration solution that is packed full of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals! 

BIOLYTE is an electrolyte drink that will help you recover when you are sick! It has the ideal balance of the major electrolytes your  body needs - Sodium and Potassium. BIOLYTE helps you feel better faster by reestablishing balance in your cells so that they can continue working to heal your body.

Detox the Flu Virus

Many people suffer from dehydration when they are sick. One of the main reasons why doctors encourage patients to drink recovery drinks is to replace the electrolytes that have been lost during the illness. In addition, these electrolytes help flush toxins out of your system. As you rid your body of toxins, you will naturally detox your system. Doctors encourage patients to utilize electrolyte drinks so that their cells can be replenished with the nutrients they need to perform efficiently - Sodium and Potassium. 

Not only does BIOLYTE help replenish your cells while flushing viruses out of your system, it contains liver cleansers that will support your body during this process. Out with the bad, in with the good.

Natural Nausea Remedy

The flu often comes with symptoms of nausea and other stomach ailments. BIOLYTE has ingredients , such as ginger root extract, that act as a natural nausea remedy. Ginger root has been used for centuries to naturally reduce nausea and calm stomach irritation. BIOLYTE is a low-sugar recovery drink that is sweetened with dextrose, a sugar that is easily processed by the stomach. Dextrose helps combat nausea, cramps, and fatigue.


Along with other at-home remedies such as lemon slices, honey, and apple cider vinegar, BIOLYTE is a recovery drink that addresses many of the discomforts that you feel when you are sick. Whether you are battling a cold, the flu virus, or COVID, BIOLYTE can help you recover quickly so that you will feel better faster. Next time you are battling dehydration, pick up BIOLYTE, the physician-formulated home remedy for common illnesses.

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