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May 11, 2023

Dear LYTERS ⚡️

“I don’t believe in failure. I believe in falling down.” - Cate Luzio, the founder and CEO of Luminary 💡

I had the privilege of attending the Inc. Founders House where I got to hear awe-inspiring CEOs share their insights on how they approach building their brands and businesses. 


While I heard multiple gold nuggets 👑 of knowledge all throughout the day, Cate’s concept of falling down over failure stuck with me. 

I’ve heard many people say they don’t like the term “failure.” 🫣 I understood where they were coming from because failure seems so definite, finite, a “that’s all folks!” feeling ☠️⚰️. But I also feel like there is a hint of value to admitting failure. 

You’re not going to win every time. You don’t have all the answers in every situation. You are not GOD. It’s a humbling realization that yes, despite your best efforts, you’re still human. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽🙋🏻‍♂️

But still that feeling of hopelessness lingers with the term, “failure” ☠️⚰️. You feel like you can’t come back from it. “I’ve failed. And that makes ME a failure.” 😭

That’s why I LOVED Cate’s mindset. It takes the feeling hopeless off the table. You fall down - big woop - dust yourself off and and find another way to win. ❤️‍🩹

Bank won’t loan you the line of credit you asked for. Okay, find a way to get the money elsewhere. A team member puts their two weeks notice on your desk. Okay, how can we not only find someone else, but find someone who fits the needs of what the business needs today. 


Falling down may throw you on a different path 🥾🥾🗺️, but it was time for you to move on and start walking another way. Even if it wasn’t your choice, the universe made that decision for you. You’re supposed to be on another path, a better path 🌅. 

If you fall down - GET BACK UP.

LYTE it up,

Jesslyn Rollins

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