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July 08, 2024

Building Stronger Community Connections

A Guide to Using Products like BIOLYTE: The IV in a Bottle to Enhance Revenue Opportunities for Independent Pharmacies

In the competitive landscape of pharmacy, establishing strong relationships with community partners is critical for success. To stand out from chain competitors and offer distinctive health and wellness solutions, independent pharmacies must leverage innovative products like BIOLYTE. By strategically engaging with key stakeholders such as athletic directors, HR directors, city managers, urgent care facilities, oncologists, and gyms, pharmacies can unlock new revenue streams, including durable medical equipment (DME) sales, higher prescription volume, flu clinics, and compounding services.


Community Partnerships

Understanding the Power of Community Partnerships

Collaborating with community partners brings benefits, especially in the face of prescription reimbursement challenges. Diversifying health and wellness offerings is essential to offset prescription steering by mail order and part D plans. Identifying influential stakeholders in the community and recognizing the mutual value exchange in building relationships are crucial steps. Key players can drive foot traffic and increase your revenue opportunities.


Community Engagement

Differentiated Products & Services for Community Engagement

BIOLYTE serves as a prime example of a versatile product that addresses dehydration-related issues impacting various stakeholders. Pharmacies can utilize BIOLYTE to initiate discussions with potential partners, offering samples and literature showcasing its benefits. Demonstrating how BIOLYTE aligns with community needs, whether in sports performance, OSHA worker hydration requirements, or chronic or acute illness management, reinforces its value proposition.


Build a Relationship

Targeting Community Partners: A Strategic Approach to Build a Relationship

The relationships you can establish through your accessibility and healthcare expertise create a funnel for your business. BIOLYTE is a tangible resource that allows you to foster these relationships and customer referrals. Let’s continue to innovate and collaborate to build healthier, stronger communities together.

Here are a few examples of creative ways Community Pharmacy has strengthened its relationships.


Whaley’s Pharmacy

Whaley’s Pharmacy utilized BIOLYTE in both their athletic programs and Women’s Health segments to increase awareness of their pharmacy. They would run ads within their high school marketing programs and include information about the hydration support they could offer if student-athletes wanted a functional product. Once they established a footprint with these trainers, athletic directors, and parents, they were able to engage their other product lines for increased business.

Whaley’s also had a strong focus on new and expectant mothers through their Mommy and Me program and would promote BIOLYTE as a nausea remedy for expectant mothers. Hydration also plays a critical role in breast milk production and can be an educational resource for lactation consultants.


Apple Discount Drugs

Apple Discount Drugs wanted to spotlight BIOLYTE and its versatility with a focus on cold/flu season and a need for hydration. Summer heat and sports are obvious segments for hydration support, but we lose vital electrolytes when we are dealing with a fever, virus, diarrhea, and nausea. Reminding their community that they have complimentary OTC products to help them feel better increases revenue when they are dispensing antibiotics and other acute illness prescriptions. Taking this information to urgent care providers who see acute illness during peak season is a way to attract potential customers.