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August 03, 2023


If you know anything about the hydration category right now, you know that it’s on fire. There’s buzz around staying hydrated and the biggest names in the industry and all their marketing dollars are coming to play.

What’s fun for me - especially as a youngest child who always enjoyed annoying her bigger, older sister’s - is that little old BIOLYTE created this emerging branch of the sports drink category - whether you call it functional hydration, rapid rehydration, (to be determined) it got started out of my parents garage and the back of my Toyota Highlander.

My mom could not keep up with her chemotherapy treatments without getting IV bags beforehand. No amount of water, electrolyte powders, or sports drinks were keeping her hydrated enough. My dad wanted to create a product that “brought the IV bag home" to her and people like her, and here we are.

Even though other products are coming to the table with I.V.-this and rapid-rehydration-that, at the end of the day it’s the same product that my mom started with but with better packaging.

These products wouldn’t help my mom when she was battling cancer. These products don’t serve the needs of tennis players that are so exhausted they pass out on the court. These products don’t serve the needs of someone battling POTS feeling light headed standing up after laying down.

Some of these products are better than what was out there when my Mom was going through treatment , but for every day warriors that have serious hydration needs, they are STILL not enough.

This is a challenge that my team faces every day educating consumers on how BIOLYTE is DIFFERENT.

BIOLYTE is clinical. BIOLYTE is medical-grade. BIOLYTE is approved by Medicare and Medicaid.

It’s not for everyone. But it wasn’t ever meant to be. If you think it’s too salty, you don’t need the electrolytes that bad. If you think it’s too expensive, you’re not feeling run down enough to see the value.

At first glance you may think we’re in a crowded competitive space, but we don’t see it that way. We have carved out a little niche space that’s all our own: We’re here to serve the needs of every day warriors that have a need for serious hydration.

My promise to you, LYTERS, is that we will continue to make medical-grade products that meet you right where you need us and we WILL NOT be distracted by the noise. 💙


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