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Welcome to the BIOLYTE blog, where you’ll find educational resources, product updates, tips for healthy (and hydrated) living, and so much more.

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BIOLYTE Becomes NSF Certified

We are incredibly proud to announce that our physician formulated, “IV in a bottle” is officially National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified. This certification verifies that BIOLYTE is compliant with the...

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Beat The Summer Heat With BIOLYTE

People tend to vacation, work, and exercise outside more frequently during the spring and summer months because the weather is warm and pleasant. During these hot months, it is more...

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Detox and Reset With BIOLYTE

A new year means a new start. For many people, that involves hitting the reset button on their health. Your body naturally detoxes itself - the human liver is a...

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Four Reasons To Drink A BIOLYTE Today

Looking for THE best electrolyte drink available to you? You can easily find a better solution than the average sports drinks. BIOLYTE helps replenish electrolytes while fighting fatigue. Find a BIOLYTE...

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